The Show At May Bar Was Lit!

It's almost 2 pm in the afternoon and I am still coming down from the high of yesterday night's show. As I write this, my head is heavy, my ankles are burning, and my mind has become a theater, repeating every piece of yesterday in my head.

Yesterday's show was a long time in the making, initiated with an email from T Dots Records back in March. I had just settled in from an exhausting 3 months of traveling to and from the US and Caribbean and was just about to head to Ottawa for the Junos. The chaotic schedule made planning the event difficult, especially as an independent artist making all the decisions and doing all the grunt work. The announcement that the show was confirmed came on April 27th with great reception.

The month flew by quickly. It felt like one day I was announcing the show and the next, I was at the sound check for the show thinking to myself, "T-Minus 2 hours until showtime". I had spent the entire afternoon meticulously watching Rihanna and Tony Robbins, 2 of my favorite motivational icons, so I was revved up.

"Are you nervous?" The question came up dozens of times.

"Yes, but that nervousness is really just excitement," I would answer. There was no way I could cover up the nerves, especially when noticing that the spacious venue with an audience of 2 had become extra cozy as the audience grew to 20, then 30, then 40, 50 and more. I slipped away quietly to change into my scandalous, sleeveless, coral dress made of a stretchy fabric that flowed as I moved and jumped into my platformed boots. Shortly after, it was showtime.

I got up and started the set with a short a Capella version of "Letter to Myself". It was a little rocky, but I kept pushing with the help of the rumbling voice of Tony Robbins in my head screaming at me to continue . The audience was amazing: I've never had such a cooperative, energetic audience in my life. Every song fueled the next song and it all boiled to a group dance off to "You & Me". (We all imagined that Yaba Angelosi was there dancing with us).

The show came to an end, but the excitement still lingered. I hung around with my friends that attended the show until we all parted ways and although there was the burning temptation to go out to Rebel Nightclub, however, I settled on the better option calling an early night, reminiscing the beautiful night before and quickly fell asleep.

I have to give a big shout out to everyone that came out to see the show. I love your energy and that you support the local music scene. <3

If you weren't able to make it out, I will be performing at the Open Tuning Music Festival on Saturday, June 10th at 6 pm in Seaton Village, Toronto.

Love you all! <3