Reflections On Saturn

The 3-year journey it has taken to put this EP, ‘SATURN’, together has honestly been filled with so much complexity. It has provided the most tumultuous conflicts, the most exhilarating experiences, the most mind-altering lessons and has brought me so much closer to myself, the universe and to God.  

The release is just months away, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the beginning: the brief vision of the planet Saturn that came to mind and all the emotions it stirred in me. The planet became a metaphor for who I was then. Everybody loves Saturn for its beauty, grace and mystique; but most are unaware of the internal battles, toxicity, darkness and fragility that lay underneath its atmosphere.  

Writing the songs for Saturn was so freeing. The true liberation, though, came from the real-life experiences that inspired the songs. It came from learning how to fight all the internal and external battles and expel toxic feelings and people with grace. It also came from the refusal to be swallowed by the darkness and the negativity that the world can bring and turn crippling fragility into strength and beautiful vulnerability.  

This EP encapsulates the true essence of Saturn: the planet of paradoxes and duality. You’re going to hear a whole new side of me. I’m so excited to be bringing this to you and thank you all for your patience!   <3